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We offer a selection of different styles and materials of fencing. Browse our Portfolio for samples of fences we have designed and installed.

Black Vinyl Chain Link:

Great choice for homes with spectacular views. This type gives you the same visibility as the typical silver chain link, but tends to blend in with it’s surroundings and eliminates that shiny look of the typical silver.

Board on Board:

If you are looking for complete privacy this type would be your best choice. Cedar boards are stacked on one another eliminating the gap between boards. Great for yards with swimming pools or next to sidewalks where you want that extra little bit of solitude.

Chain Link:

Typical Silver Chain Link If you are looking to fence in your yard without loosing your visibility this would be a great choice.

Dog Ear Cedar:

One of our basic cedar fences built with dog eared boards.

Good Neighbor:

This type is great for neighbors sharing the cost of the fence. Again, we use cedar boards and alternate panels. One panel of boards faces your home and the next faces the neighbor, or vice versa.

Lattice Fence:

Nice look and lets you get away with it being taller than the standard 6 ft. high fence. This type of fence is 6 ft. of solid fence with a foot of framed lattice on top. We also offer a 3 foot of solid fence with framed lattice on top.


Also built with cedar. Great look for your front yard or smaller proximities.

Wood Cap & Trim:

This style of fence offers a finish look with cedar boards, redwood trim and redwood cap. Smooth all 4 sides, redwood 2x6 cap with an additional ½ x 4 piece of trim underneath for finished look.


Smooth, durable finish that's a safe and secure barrier. Great for upper deck & balcony railings, golf courses, pools, as well as, horse ranches.

Fence Materials Intro

Below I would like to tell you a little bit about the companies and products I use. Just like you are shopping for the best fence, I have taken the time to find the best fencing materials to offer you. I have nothing to hide with the materials I use and feel that is my responsibility as a business owner to tell and show you exactly what you are getting for your hard-earned money.
J&W Lumber

J&W Lumber

For all of our wood materials we only use J&W Lumber Company. J&W Lumber Company has been a honorable member of the Southern California business community FOR OVER 50 years. We feel that their enduring commitment to providing quality products closely parallel our vow to provide our customers with only the best fence products.
Master Halco

Master Halco®

Have you ever had a round metal post rust out or fall over in your yard? I have personally witness this scene time and time again. I have good news for you those days are over with. With Master-Halco’s Post Master Posts you are getting the newest most innovative fencing product the industry has seen in years. The posts are u-shaped with flaps on the sides, so that a rail will fit flush to one side of the u-shape and right in behind one of the flaps. The beauty of this post is the fact that they are not only strong and solid, but they do not rust out and will not blow down. They are a top-notch quality material, but hey what else do you expect from Smith Fence Company.
Builders Fence Company

Builder’s Fence Company (B.F.C.)

Trust and Excellent Service to Community is what B.F.C. has been known for, for over 50 years. Their commitment and our commitment to the community go hand in hand. I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed with any of their products and have never heard anyone complain about this company. All of their products are of the highest quality and will out last the rest. I am proud to use them as one of my suppliers. It is no wonder that they have been in business so long.

Senco® Stainless Steel Ring-Shank Coil Nails

STAPLES!!! REALLY!!! You don’t want staples that will bleed on your boards and eventually rust out causing your boards to fall off. What you want is ring-shank coil nails. This is the only way that we install wood fence. Why might you ask? Because it is the RIGHT way. When a ring-shank coil nail is shot into one of our J&W Lumber Boards it acts almost like a screw. It will take an extreme amount of punishment to knock these boards off, unlike a board shot with staples, which will pop off with a simple kick or a moderate windstorm. Though ring-shank coil nails may cost me a little bit more at the checkout, I would be willing to pay that and then some to make sure that my customers have the best.
Aspen Vinyl

Aspen Vinyl

For your vinyl needs it doesn’t get any better than Aspen Vinyl. Offering high quality vinyl Aspen Fence is so confident in their product that they offer a lifetime warranty. What more could you ask for?

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